Team X-Treme Membership Program

Experience the Thrill. Live the Elegance.
Embrace the Freedom.

Elevate your journey with Team X-Treme Rental Membership Program and experience the thrill of driving high-performance luxury vehicles—anytime you want.

Get Access To Our Exclusive Fleet

Our membership program surpasses traditional lease schemes by granting you access to an extensive collection of exotic cars, all at a discounted rate.
Forget about maintenance, mechanical concerns, or the fear of depreciation. We provide various luxury car rental options, including Lamborghini, McLaren, Ferrari, Rolls Royce, and Bentley, ensuring your driving dreams come true.

Exclusive Membership Benefits

Choose Your Tier

Select the membership tier that aligns with your desired level of luxury and driving experiences.

5,000 Miles That Never Expire

Embrace unlimited exploration with 5,000 miles included in your membership, and any extra miles are available at just $5 per mile.

Transferable Rental Days

Share the exhilaration of driving these exceptional vehicles with your friends, family, or employees by transferring rental days.

No Credit Check Required

Becoming a member is hassle-free with no credit check requirements, ensuring a seamless process.

24/7 Roadside Assistance

Drive with confidence knowing that we've got your back with round-the-clock roadside assistance.

Complimentary Vehicle Replacement

In case of unforeseen events, we offer complimentary vehicle replacement for uninterrupted driving pleasure.

Complimentary Vehicle Towing

Should the need arise, we'll arrange for complimentary vehicle towing to our service center.

Exclusive Membership Benefits

Basic Tier

$ 1,999 / month

Vehicles Included:

Standard Tier

$ 2,999/ month

Vehicles Included:

Premium Tier

$ 3,999/ month

Vehicles Included:

Deluxe Tier

$ 5,199/ month

Vehicles Included:

Luxury Tier

$ 7,599/ month

Vehicles Included:

 Elite Tier

$ 12,990/ month

Vehicles Included:

How Does The Membership Program Work?

Choose Your Tier

Select the membership tier that aligns with your desired level of luxury and driving experiences.

Join the Club

Submit a one-time payment for your chosen tier and become part of Team X-Treme Rentals' exclusive membership program.

Access the Fleet

Unlock the entire fleet of luxurious and exotic vehicles at your disposal for the ultimate driving pleasure.

Drive with Freedom

Enjoy the open road in a different exotic vehicle every day and make the most of your membership experience.

Why Choose Team X-Treme Rentals Membership?

Gain access to one of the largest exotic and luxury car collections in the nation, featuring a diverse range of unique and captivating vehicles.
For a one-time cost, enjoy the freedom of driving multiple luxury cars without the worries of depreciation or maintenance.
Membership includes transferable rental days, no credit check requirement, and 24/7 roadside assistance for peace of mind.
Use your rental days whenever you desire, with no expiration, and even transfer them to friends, family, or employees.

Better Than Car Subscription Services

Our membership program surpasses traditional car subscription services with its one-time fee granting you access to everything in our fleet. No monthly or annual fees, no tiers with limited options – you get the freedom to enjoy the entire Team X-Treme Rentals fleet whenever you desire!

Ready to Elevate Your Driving Experience?

Join Team X-Treme Rentals’ exclusive membership program today and embark on a journey of luxury, thrill, and elegance like no other. Enjoy access to a vast selection of exotic and luxury vehicles at an exclusive rate, and make every event truly exceptional with the allure of high-performance vehicles.
Contact our team to become a member and seize the opportunity to drive the nation’s most extraordinary cars.